Text and content for marketing collateral,
ads, brochures, and sites.

"The more you tell, the more you sell."
—David Ogilvy

My copywriting projects have explained new products, new technology, and new companies for industries from aerospace to the Zoo.

My theory of copywriting is to present facts, not opinions, and to summarize the information into a swift explanation for people who might not already know everything about you.

Abex Aerospace wanted to brag after NASA accepted their modification for the Space Shuttle's engines

This ad campaign catapulted Seymour Duncan Pickups into a music industry leader

Technical copywriting for the Web site of a pharmaceutical chromatography lab

I converted Actian's Big Data white papers into easily readable information


I rejuvenated the Alvarez Guitar catalog by going back to the basics.


Website text for Loreta Tarozaite, video producer


I wrote summaries of 37 upcoming TV shows that didn't exist yet.


I've completed 17 copywriting contracts with Wal-Mart.com since 2004


Annual report for Santa Barbara Bank & Trust



After I left BBDO to become a freelancer, my first client was the Santa Barbara Zoo.

This ad swamped the mayor's phone with people barking like a sea lion.