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I'm a semi-retired adbiz guy who recently moved to Nipomo. I'm looking for new projects.

What a copywriter does for you.

Very few web design shops offer copywriting these days. When I moved here a few months ago, I looked around and found 48 web design professionals on the Central Coast, and only three of them even mention copywriting services. They are experts about graphics and coding and video. They can handle all those aspects of your site.

The content is up to you.

One of the designers told me,

"Our clients are not at the level where they understand the need for copywriting. Most of them provide their own copy and photographs, and we build the websites for them."

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S.E.O. Copywriting has been superseded by Search Engine Optimization. SEO is easy for the design shop to produce: Just insert industry-standard keywords into the copy provided by the client. The goal is to attract robots that will give your site a higher Google rank. Some web shops are proud of their ability to game the search engine algorithms. Their keyword selections can attract visitors no matter how invisible the client-supplied copy is.

But, once the visitors are attracted to the site, the informational content has to live or die on its own. If visitors don't read the text, it might as well not be there. If your text says you "provide a wide variety of goods and services," people have gone to the trouble of reading 8 words and still don't know what you're selling.

I adapt the client's information into a human-friendly format using conversational text. I make it interesting, easy to read, and easy for the eye to follow.

I started out as a writer/editor at Santa Barbara Magazine in its earliest days, and I've continued to write ad copy the same way I wrote articles: as an informational conversation with the human reader. I go into every project with the idea of making the client's information open and easy to see, with context that explains and demonstrates its importance.

In the old days of the print universe, I would research a project and share my findings with an art director, and together we would create the ad or campaign. We created content.

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Today the content is brought down from outside and is irrelevant to the design process.

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I like learning about companies and painting a word picture of them that will be interesting to the public. I see many companies whose sites are full of buzzwords and self-praise but present few clear facts.

A copywriter assembles all the information about your company and refines it to bring the most important parts to the front.

A copywriter's job is to make your text not only easy to read, but also worth reading.