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Whenever the actual rent collected from your apartment complex falls below the scheduled rent, that money is lost forever. A high occupancy rate can mask a high turnover; if tenants are moving in and out with several days of vacancy in between, you slip further and further behind the scheduled rent.

But go to any city where the rental picture is supposedly bad. You'll find that there are always a handful of apartment complexes that are 100% rented, while others are desperately seeking tenants. Look further and you'll discover that the filled-up and profitable complexes have long waiting lists and are usually charging higher rents than the properties with vacancies.

The difference is often due to professional property management. If you own an apartment complex of 50 or more units, you can get a higher return on your investment when you select Invest West Management Company to handle your property.

We're a professional substitute for the owner who may be too busy, travel too much, or own too many properties to properly supervise the day-to-day affairs and maintenance of a large apartment complex.

If you expected your investment to take care of itself, or if you have attempted to manage the place yourself, you know that property management is a full-time job, an unusual and absorbing task requiring a combination of diplomacy, hard-headed business practices, and planned maintenance. You can't just put your money into the property and have it quietly grow; every day a new problem pops up; the property must be watched, tended, pruned, fertilized, and cared for. Unless the manager cares about the building, the basic value begins to go down.

We're managers, not just caretakers. Our complete management team will go to work for you as needed; accountants, market researchers, maintenance foremen, public relations experts, personnel developers. We make management decisions based on a desire for steady long-term growth. In today's dynamic and fluid economic structure, we bring the steady application of systematic analysis to the job of the apartment manager.

We've had a lot of success turning around properties that have been previously ill-managed: apartment complexes that were not profitable, whether they were full or not, with tenants who didn't pay, damaged the property, and departed in the dead of the night.

We know how to attract--and keep--the right tenants. We help departing tenants leave on time and make sure the new tenants get in on time, with few vacant days in between. We take care of all complaints and act as a buffer between you and the tenants. We carefully screen all employees, suppliers, and service contracts.

We study the rental market carefully. The real test of an apartment manager is whether he can fill apartments with the right tenants, keep them filled, and keep the collections coming in. But a filled apartment complex is not necessarily a profitable one; if we discover that your apartments are below the prevailing rates, we adjust rents accordingly.