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Centaur 150
Automatic Tube and Pipe Welding System

Engineered for Thin Pipes, Thick Tubes, Tube-to- Tube Sheet and Tube Plugging.
Our customers kept running into welding situations where 75 amps wasn't enough to do the job, and 300 amps was overkill. The Centaur 150 fills the gap between the 75 amp Centaur and 300 amp Gold Track II power supplies. It also is intermediate in price and plugs into standard 120, 220 or 440 volt outlets. It's an automated solid-state system flexible enough to weld tubes that are too thick for fusion welding and too thin to justify a more expensive 300-amp system; for welding pipes thin enough for butt welding; for welding tube plugs; and for tube-to-tube sheet welding.

Weld Heads for Tube Welding.
There are eight different -sized heads for tubes with diameters from.062 to 3.00 inches. The head clamps onto the tube at the butt joint; the inner chamber is filled with inert gas. The tube sections are held stationary while the tungĀ¬sten electrode in the gas chamber orbits 'the joint to make the weld.

Tube, Tube-to-Tube Sheet, and Plug Welding Gun.
This weld head uses interchangeable central mandrels that lock onto the part and a hand knob to draw the gun tight onto the work, eliminating the need for the operator to hand-support the gun. The gun weighs only 5.5 pounds. The weld head has arc voltage control. Filler wire is available for tube-to-tube sheet applications.

Full Function In-Place Weld Heads.
These weld heads have a wire feed mechanism, arc voltage control, and a self-centering clamp that attaches directly onto pipes of diameters as small as .5 inch up to 6 inches. The wire feeder and four inch wire spool are mounted in a separate box connected to the weld head.

Programmable Power Supply.
Dial in the numbers and every joint will be the same, weld after weld. Once a weld procedure is developed for a particular alloy and joint configuration, the operator need only dial in the numbers off the setup sheet. All settings are accurate to within one percent, time after time, year after year.
An automatic feedback control system senses the amount of current flowing and compares it with a pre-set precision reference; if there is less or more current than the reference calls for, the weld current will be increased or decreased to the reference value within 250 microseconds.

Centaur 150 combines a superb power supply, a low pulse current control, pulsed arc voltage control, sequence controller, a travel rate servo, and pulsed wire feeder; all in one packaged-for-the-field welding system 40 inches high and 19 inches wide weighing under 400 pounds. It offers wide flexibility, high quality, high productivity, and cost effectivity.